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SNASH Reliable Solutions

SNASH Reliable Solutions is a division of SNASH Group of companies based in UAE and India. We primarily focus on automotive and commercial film installation.

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Architectural window films block harmful UV, infrared, and excessive heat, and provide protection against fading of furniture, flooring, and other items.



Automotive window films high performance window films provides comfortable driving experience, while providing maximum visibility, heat rejection and glare reduction.


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Visual Simulation of thermal heat image of a car interior with and without SNASH Cool Film

Cooler by 9.6°C

In an independent test, SNASHCool Films were shown to help keep a car interior surface cooler.

SNASH Cool Project | Kannur Club

SNASH RS was proud to serve one of the beach side properties at Kerala. The beach side resort comprise of a restaurant and various amenities were exposed to scorching mid-day solar heat transfer through glass. Our challenge was to reduce upto 50% heat while preserving the scenic landscape and beach side visibility through glass. Upon SNASH Cool film application, We achieved upto 60% glass heat transmission reduction, 80% visibility and also the 25% reduction in AC power bills.

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How Does SNASH RS Works?

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Can we have clear films with maximum heat rejection?

Yes. There are high heat rejection films available which can reduce upto 60% of heat transmission through glass while, ensuring 80% visible light transmission.

Dark films reduces heat?

Not necessarily. Dark films only blocks the light visibility. It doesn’t means heat is blocked. 50% of the heat comes through Infrared radiations in the solar light. Films which can block maximum Infrared radiations rejects maximum heat.

Automotive window films once installed blocks the visibility or light?

No. There are films which are 90% transparent but blocks maximum heat and UV rays. In UAE 30% and higher visible windows are allowed as per the law.

What is Ultraviolet rays?

UV rays or Ultra violet rays are radiations from the solar energy. Its actually beneficial for the skin, but exposing to UV rays got more health related risks such as skin related decease and cancer. If our furniture, car interiors are exposed to UV rays results in aging and fading

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